Fresh Blood Scripts


Congratulations to the second annual #FreshBloodSelects! The selected projects are the top ten favorites from the BloodList team. There were 497 submissions this year to the free submission system, The Fresh Blood Initiative. The writers are unrepresented, and their scripts are available to view below.


Project Name: BAD WITCHES (Pilot)


Writer: Amber Alexander


Genres: Thriller, Dark comedy


Logline: BAD WITCHES follows the supernatural, no-holds-barred quest of two immortal teen lovers separated by a curse and their revolutionary fight for the rights of their descendants, Witches.  TRUE BLOOD meets JESSICA JONES.


UPDATE: Congrats to Amber!  She has signed with management. This script can be requested via Jeff Portnoy at Bellevue.

Project Name: THE BIG A


Writer: Amy Taylor


Genres: Horror, Dark Comedy


Logline: A young girl struggles to obtain an abortion after discovering that she is pregnant with the Antichrist.

Project Name: BREAK


Writer: Eli Black


Genre: Thriller


Logline: College couple Willy and Angelica head to the country for a romantic summer getaway, unaware they’ve been followed by Angelica’s unhinged ex. When Angelica sustains a head injury and wakes with severe memory loss, Willy must fight not only for Angelica’s love, but also her ex’s sinister incursion.

Project Name: DON’T RUN


Writer: Malcolm Badewitz


Genres: Horror, Adventure


Logline: When a local boy goes missing, a young girl must face her fears if she hopes to rescue him from the monsters lurking beneath their sleepy suburb.

Project Name: KILLING TIME


Writer: Jose Prendes


Genre: Horror


Logline: A teenger and his best friend use time travel technology to stop the brutal murder of his sister and uncover the identity of her killer.

Project Name: RUNT


Writer: Marc Bloom


Genre: Thriller


Logline: A woman rescues an injured wolf pup, holed up inside a cabin, but when the wolfpack returns and threatens her life and the pups, she is sent on a gruelling journey of self-discovery fighting for survival. The Grey meets Gravity.



Writer: Clifton Wilder Koons II


Genre: Dark Comedy, Thriller


Logline: A debaucherous children’s author checks herself into an unconventional rehab center that recreates her childhood with actors and stage tricks to help her get over her mother’s death and save her career. She struggles to relive her rough past with only a psychotic patient and her fictional animal characters by her side.





Writer: Siobhan Gilbert


Genre: Thriller


Logline: Ignaz Semmelweis is a Hungarian doctor teaching medicine in Vienna. He develops Germ theory and the practice of handwashing before medical examinations from his experience of life on the obstetrics ward and the dying mothers due to childbed fever. He and his theory are rejected by the scientific community. He is cast out. Has a mental breakdown and dies of the same illness that his theory had saved countless women from.



Writer: Brendon Udy


Genres: Horror, Dark Comedy


Logline: A handful of London Underground passengers must fight for survival after their train is attacked by ferocious, blood hungry beasts.

Project Name: YULE CATS


Writers: Chad Ghiron and Lizzie Goodman


Genre: Horror, Dark comedy


Logline: A Gremlins style horror/comedy in the vein of Chris Columbus about thirteen-year-old Isabelle, who receives an odd souvenir from her deceased scientist father in the form of a preserved, prehistoric feline — a creature which winds up contaminating the cats in Isabelle’s small town and forcing her and her two best friends to fight for survival against this rapidly growing horde of attackers.


DARWIN’S GAME – Connor McKnight

Project Name: “Darwin’s Game” (Feature)

Writer(s) Name: Connor McKnight

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller

Logline: Eight strangers wake up in an eerily exquisite hunting lodge, only to unknowingly become the prey in a “specialized” commercial gaming facility. “The Cabin in the Woods” meets “The Purge”.

GOLDIE – Brett Martin


Project Name: “Goldie” (Feature)

Writer(s) Name: Brett Martin

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller

Logline: A female serial killer with a penchant for porridge stalks a true crime author she wants to write her life story. The most famous home invader in fairy tale history has never gotten her own movie, until now. But my Goldie doesn’t run away when the “bears” come home and if you’re not just right for her, you’re dead.

24/7 XPRESS CLEANING – Raul G. de Miguel

Project Name: “24/7 Xpress Cleaning” (Pilot)

Writer(s): Raul de Miguel

Genre(s): Thriller, Dark Comedy

Logline: A perpetually unemployed guy who faints at the sight of blood and his ex-con sister-in-law start a cleaning business, but an unexpected twist leads them to become the new cleanup crew for the local mob.


Project Name: “An October Wedding” (Feature)

Writer(s) Name: Nate Ruegger

Genre(s): Thriller

Logline: A runaway comes home for her sister’s wedding only to suspect that one of the guests is a killer who knows her darkest secret: she, and everyone in her family, is a witch.

ATROPHY – Jennifer Helen Coates

Project Name: “Atrophy” (Feature)

Writer(s): Jennifer Helen Coates

Genre(s): Thriller

Logline: Centers on a NYPD detective who struggles with black periods in her memory. With this, she soon discovers that the prime suspect in a serial killer case is herself.

FRAUD IS DEAD – Rachel Woolley

Project Name: “Fraud is Dead” (Feature)

Writer(s): Rachel Woolley

Genre(s): Horror

Logline: In 1870, famous American mediums, “The Fox Sisters”, admit their fraud and publicly deny the existence of spirits, forcing them to rely only on each other (and a mixed bag of parlor tricks) when, while fleeing the country by ship, they’re suddenly terrorized by vengeful ghosts.

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LET THE DEVIL OUT – Ryan Jackson

Project Name: “Let the Devil Out” (Feature)

Writer(s): Ryan Jackson

Genre(s): Horror, Sci-Fi, Dark Comedy

Logline: A containment team boards an offshore drilling platform in the South Pacific after an oil spill, only to discover it’s a black site developing experimental weapons thats crew has been wiped out by a bio engineered contagion – one that causes those it infects heads to spontaneously explode. “Scanners” on an oil rig.

SKIN & BONES – Paul Portis

Project Name: “Skin & Bones” (Pilot)

Writer(s): Paul Portis

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller, Dark Comedy

Logline: 16 year old Reagan is placed in a mental institution after her newborn son is stolen by a vengeful witch on Halloween night and dragged to the pits of hell. Along with the help of her misfit friends, Reagan will have to prove her sanity while battling a demonic cult, dark forces and a coven of Witches, stopping at nothing to get her son back!

THE 49th DAY – Craig Peters

Project Name: “The 49th Day” (Feature)

Writer(s): Craig Peters

Genre(s): Horror

Logline: A young girl’s imaginary friend starts killing her family off one by one. But what can you do when you’re only nine and Death wants to play?

THE STRICKEN – Robert Pilkington

Project Name: “The Stricken” (Feature)

Writer(s): Rob Pilkington

Genre(s): Horror

Logline: When an unpopular young sheriff discovers an abandoned train stalled, robbed, and teaming with leprous undead, he must pursue the charismatic bandit who carries both the stolen loot and a deadly germ.