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 -in alphabetical order-
The 4th Annual Fresh Blood Selects are below! These 10 scripts were discovered out of the 513 projects that were sent in through the free submission system this year. The screenplays & pilots are available to read and watch on


Writer: Jason cho
      Logline: Radical environmentalists, cattle ranchers, and backwoods homesteaders come to violent clash over their differing ideologies on morality and humanity. An alternate history period piece taking place in a new, but old America.
Genre: Horror


Writer: Alessandro Pulisci
Logline: Trying to distract herself from work, a young woman’s obsession with a video game turns deadly.
Genre: Horror


Writer: Regina Kim.
Logline: After causing a near-fatal aviation disaster, insomniac air traffic controller Camille Park seeks help from famed neuroscientist Kenji Kamitani to better understand her sleep paralysis. But when Kenji puts her on a Phase 0 clinical trial, this experimental manipulation of her amygdala brings about a terror she’s never known before: a bloodthirsty incubus.
Genre: Psychological Horror


Writer: Skye Tenorio
Logline: Morgan Ramos is just your typical teenage girl juggling school, friends, love, and parental problems. Oh yeah, and she just found out she’s destined to unleash hell on earth.
Genre: Dark Comedy

PREY (Short Film)

Writer/Director: Bill Whirity
Logline: While on a first date, a young couple finds themselves being pursued by more than just each other.
Genre: Horror


Writer: Kimberley Elizabeth
Logline: Six different horror movies. Six unique survivors. All looking for answers… at the same time.
Genre: Dark Comedy


Writer: Monica Lee
Logline: Helen (a 21st century Scully) is an expat American Neuroscientist pursuing research in Mexico City, who draws two men into her orbit of science and self-experimentation at their peril.
Genre: Horror


Writer: Alison Star Locke
Genre: Horror
Logline: A retired schoolteacher spent 30 years searching for her missing daughter, only to learn a horrible truth that may cost her everything one dark Christmas Eve with the return of an old friend.


Writer: Wes Black
Genre: Horror
Logline: Small town losers Harold Perkle and Chester Robbins stumble upon a hole in the basement of their failing diner. One that grants all those who gaze inside the rarest of gifts: joy. But when the hole unleashes a new brand of gift—a virulent disease of the mind— the town is soon looking to Harold and Chester for a cure.


Writer: Karl Gan
Genre: Dark Comedy
Logline: A good wife in a troubled marriage fights against both her dead bedroom and the start of the apocalypse.



 -in alphabetical order-
The Third Annual Fresh Blood Selects are below! These 10 scripts were discovered out of the 353 projects that were sent in through the free submission system this year. The featured writers are unrepresented, and the screenplays & pilots are available to view below.

All Inclusive

Writer: Kyle Bowler
Logline: A young family’s holiday to a remote coastal cottage takes a sinister turn when they allow two strangers to stay with them after an apparent mix-up with the booking.
Genre: Horror


Writer: Matthew Kaler
Logline: Marnie Graham, an isolated widow, is fighting to save her Montana ranch from foreclosure. After a meteor lands in the wilderness bordering her property, animals begin dying in increasingly grotesque ways, and she finds herself pitted against an otherworldly life-form that stalks its victims not only in the physical world, but that of the mind.
Genre: Horror / sci-fi


Writer: David M Quiroz Jr.
Logline: A young American naval officer in WWII must protect his crew from the deadly sea monster hunting his torpedo boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Inspired by the short story by H.P. Lovecraft.
Genre: Horror


Writer: Kathryn Paulsen
Logline: A hundred years ago, sharecroppers’ lives were taken to build Barnabus University–that paragon of Southern education and football. Now, on the eve of Barnabus’s centennial, its victims rise from forgotten graves to wreak vengeance on the university. It’s up to a few Greek geeks, drama queens, and blues singers to stop them. . . if they can.
Genre: Horror/ Dark Comedy

Inner Beast (Pilot)

Writer: Greta Harrison & Matthew C. Vaughan
Logline: An awkward TV journalist discovers she’s a bloodthirsty Jersey Devil and leads a double life to put her cop fiancé, monster-hunters, and a god-fearing town off the scent, while trying to find a cure.
Genre: Horror / Dark Comedy
Status: Under its former title, Easy Tiger, Inner Beast was selected for the Australian Writers’ Guild Pathways program and highly commended in the 2018 Australian Writers Guild and ABC TV Laugh Out Loud initiative.


Writer: Jennifer Helen Coates
Logline: When her best friend goes missing, one Iroquois teen muscles her way into North Dakota’s casino underbelly with one mission in mind: bring her friend home or die trying.
Genre: Thriller

Single Monster (Pilot)

Writer: Justin Michael Terry, Ryan Marsico
Logline: After a closet monster inadvertently kills a young tomboy foster mom, the creature is assigned to raise the young girl through her formative years as a form of probation.
Genre: Horror/ Dark Comedy
Reps: Evan Lewis at Stagecoach Entertainment

Small Town Murder Mystery (Pilot)

Writer: Joshua Henaman
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Logline: Journalism student, Carly Hamit, just accepted a ride-along to be “Sheriff for a Day” at the annual “Mystery Fest” in Storyville, Iowa, where not everything is as it seems. When a series of murders leaves nothing but mystery in its wake, the townsfolk refuse to let their “acting sheriff” leave. She must solve the murders as they happen one after another, after another, after another… weekly. It’s Groundhog Day meets Murder She Wrote by way of Twin Peaks… Carly is stuck in a Small Town Murder-Mystery.

Tenant Zero

Writer: Kirk Anderson
Genre: Horror
Logline: In a newly gentrified neighborhood, two urban roommates are forced to take the rap for murdering their animal torturing roomie or unleash a zombie epidemic upon the city.

When Horror Met Sally

Writer: Ervin V. Anderson
Genre: Horror/ Dark Comedy
Logline: After surviving her second psycho killer massacre, a plucky Final Girl discovers she’s supposed to be in a romantic comedy, and races against time to get back to her rightful genre as the killer closes in.


 -in alphabetical order-
Congratulations to the second annual #FreshBloodSelects! The selected projects are the top ten favorites from the BloodList team. There were 497 submissions this year to the free submission system, The Fresh Blood Initiative. The writers are unrepresented, and their scripts are available to view below.


Writer: Amber Alexander
Genres: Thriller, Dark comedy
Logline: BAD WITCHES follows the supernatural, no-holds-barred quest of two immortal teen lovers separated by a curse and their revolutionary fight for the rights of their descendants, Witches.  TRUE BLOOD meets JESSICA JONES.


Writer: Amy Taylor

Genres: Horror, Dark Comedy

Logline: A young girl struggles to obtain an abortion after discovering that she is pregnant with the Antichrist.


Writer: Eli Black

Genre: Thriller

Logline: College couple Willy and Angelica head to the country for a romantic summer getaway, unaware they’ve been followed by Angelica’s unhinged ex. When Angelica sustains a head injury and wakes with severe memory loss, Willy must fight not only for Angelica’s love, but also her ex’s sinister incursion.


Writer: Malcolm Badewitz

Genres: Horror, Adventure

Logline: When a local boy goes missing, a young girl must face her fears if she hopes to rescue him from the monsters lurking beneath their sleepy suburb.


Writer: Jose Prendes

Genre: Horror

Logline: A teenger and his best friend use time travel technology to stop the brutal murder of his sister and uncover the identity of her killer.


Writer: Marc Bloom

Genre: Thriller

Logline: A woman rescues an injured wolf pup, holed up inside a cabin, but when the wolfpack returns and threatens her life and the pups, she is sent on a gruelling journey of self-discovery fighting for survival. The Grey meets Gravity.


Writer: Clifton Wilder Koons II

Genre: Dark Comedy, Thriller

Logline: A debaucherous children’s author checks herself into an unconventional rehab center that recreates her childhood with actors and stage tricks to help her get over her mother’s death and save her career. She struggles to relive her rough past with only a psychotic patient and her fictional animal characters by her side.

To read the script, email


Writer: Siobhan Gilbert

Genre: Thriller

Logline: Ignaz Semmelweis is a Hungarian doctor teaching medicine in Vienna. He develops Germ theory and the practice of handwashing before medical examinations from his experience of life on the obstetrics ward and the dying mothers due to childbed fever. He and his theory are rejected by the scientific community. He is cast out. Has a mental breakdown and dies of the same illness that his theory had saved countless women from.


Writer: Brendon Udy

Genres: Horror, Dark Comedy

Logline: A handful of London Underground passengers must fight for survival after their train is attacked by ferocious, blood hungry beasts.


Writers: Chad Ghiron and Lizzie Goodman

Genre: Horror, Dark comedy

Logline: A Gremlins style horror/comedy in the vein of Chris Columbus about thirteen-year-old Isabelle, who receives an odd souvenir from her deceased scientist father in the form of a preserved, prehistoric feline — a creature which winds up contaminating the cats in Isabelle’s small town and forcing her and her two best friends to fight for survival against this rapidly growing horde of attackers.


 -in alphabetical order-

 This is the first year of #FreshBloodSelects, which will share the spotlight, and introduce some new writers and scripts to the town (congrats everyone!) Those selected had submitted their work to the Fresh Blood Initiative on There were 386 submissions. These are the top picks.

DARWIN’S GAME – Connor McKnight

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller

Logline: Eight strangers wake up in an eerily exquisite hunting lodge, only to unknowingly become the prey in a “specialized” commercial gaming facility. “The Cabin in the Woods” meets “The Purge”.

GOLDIE – Brett Martin

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller

Logline: A female serial killer with a penchant for porridge stalks a true crime author she wants to write her life story. The most famous home invader in fairy tale history has never gotten her own movie, until now. But my Goldie doesn’t run away when the “bears” come home and if you’re not just right for her, you’re dead.

24/7 XPRESS CLEANING – Raul G. de Miguel

Genre(s): Thriller, Dark Comedy

Logline: A perpetually unemployed guy who faints at the sight of blood and his ex-con sister-in-law start a cleaning business, but an unexpected twist leads them to become the new cleanup crew for the local mob.


Genre(s): Thriller

Logline: A runaway comes home for her sister’s wedding only to suspect that one of the guests is a killer who knows her darkest secret: she, and everyone in her family, is a witch.

ATROPHY – Jennifer Helen Coates

Genre(s): Thriller

Logline: Centers on a NYPD detective who struggles with black periods in her memory. With this, she soon discovers that the prime suspect in a serial killer case is herself.

FRAUD IS DEAD – Rachel Woolley

Genre(s): Horror

Logline: In 1870, famous American mediums, “The Fox Sisters”, admit their fraud and publicly deny the existence of spirits, forcing them to rely only on each other (and a mixed bag of parlor tricks) when, while fleeing the country by ship, they’re suddenly terrorized by vengeful ghosts.

LET THE DEVIL OUT – Ryan Jackson

Genre(s): Horror, Sci-Fi, Dark Comedy

Logline: A containment team boards an offshore drilling platform in the South Pacific after an oil spill, only to discover it’s a black site developing experimental weapons thats crew has been wiped out by a bio engineered contagion – one that causes those it infects heads to spontaneously explode. “Scanners” on an oil rig.

SKIN & BONES – Paul Portis

Genre(s): Horror, Thriller, Dark Comedy

Logline: 16 year old Reagan is placed in a mental institution after her newborn son is stolen by a vengeful witch on Halloween night and dragged to the pits of hell. Along with the help of her misfit friends, Reagan will have to prove her sanity while battling a demonic cult, dark forces and a coven of Witches, stopping at nothing to get her son back!

THE 49th DAY – Craig Peters

Genre(s): Horror

Logline: A young girl’s imaginary friend starts killing her family off one by one. But what can you do when you’re only nine and Death wants to play?

THE STRICKEN – Robert Pilkington

Genre(s): Horror

Logline: When an unpopular young sheriff discovers an abandoned train stalled, robbed, and teaming with leprous undead, he

must pursue the charismatic bandit who carries both the stolen loot and a deadly germ.